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With a new school year having just begun, I was reminded that there are even more ways to procrastinate . For example, counting down the days until you have finished (I only have 269 days left until I have finished forever), labeling all of your stationary, writing in due dates of assignments and exams into a planner or organizer, intending to be organized but knowing that regardless of your efforts you will still end up procrastinating and completing work at 3 in the morning the night before it’s due, or organizing your computer into say a Harry Potter theme so that no one else can navigate their way around. Even though you may intend to be organized and say to yourself “ok this is a new year, I will not procrastinate and I will get things done early” you know that about two weeks later that you will loose inspiration and retreat to your old procrastinating ways. Happy Procrastinating!


I recently discovered this website called “GoodReads”. Here I can rate the books I’ve read and then it gives me recommendations as to what other books I might enjoy. It’s a really good tool to keep track of the books you have already read and if you enjoyed them. So far I have logged 73 books but I can assure you that there are still plenty more to come.

If you, like myself, is an avid reader and can get lost in the pages of epic journeys then this is a great site. Go and take a look. It’s great for procrastinating too – enjoy adding all of your books


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